Why Cowles Research Group?

Cowles Research Group (CRG) is an independent research company that customizes information extracted from government health databases. Since 1992, CRG has been creating databases that provide clients with tailored information.

CRG successfully provides otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain data from federal databases maintained by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

CRG strives to meet customer need through customized products and unlimited technical support. Whether in the health care market, academia, or the regulatory environment, having the most complete and compelling data is absolutely necessary. Cowles Research Group provides that data quickly and economically.

  • Create facility-level quality reports for the national trade association, Leading Age, update on a quarterly basis
  • Produce tables on an annual basis for the National Center for Health Statistics, for publication in Health United States
  • Merge CASPER and MedPar data for skilled nursing facilities for a small area analysis
  • Provide longitudinal data for actuarial analysis