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Welcome to Cowles Research Group

Cowles Research Group (CRG) is an independent research company that customizes information extracted from government health databases. Since 1992, CRG has been successfully creating databases and reports that provide clients with critical information for advocacy, litigation support, strategic planning, quality improvement, academic research, and marketing.

Our Mission

Cowles Research Group is committed to maintaining the highest quality long-term care research database possible. more...

CRG is dedicated to providing otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain data extracted from government health databases. CRG strives to meet customer needs through a completely customized product and unlimited support. In a competitive situation, whether in the marketplace, regulatory arena, or in the courts, having the most complete and compelling data provides a competitive advantage. Cowles Research Group is dedicated to giving its customers that edge. Browse through our web site, or contact us for more information.

Creators of the Nursing Home Statistical Yearbook

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